Pitch to the Rines Fund

Due diligence

Every founder knows that feedback is critical when growing a company.Over 30+ associates, who are under NDA, will evaluate your business model in order to try and poke holes wherever they can.A team of five, lead by a principal, will spend three weeks conducting research to provide you with a 15-25 page report on your company and the industry it operates in.


We’re well-connected to the New England venture ecosystem through partners, advisors, and friends of the Fund.With your permission, we share these due diligence reports with our partners as a value-add to them.Once due diligence is completed, the we shares our analysis with the founders and our angel partners, if so requested.

Seed capital

If it’s determined that the investment opportunity is both viable and prudent, then the Fund will invest between $5,000 and $15,000. Furthermore, we always co-invest with one of our partner angel networks.

Expect every member of the Fund to have reviewed the fundamentals of your company. Equipped with your pitch deck, pro forma financials, and our other resources we will formulate questions to determine if it looks like a good fit.
Expect a room full of attentive associates, principals, and advisors. Our team will be ready to maximize all that we can learn about you and your company during the short time we have you.
After, your main point of contact will be your assigned principal who will be leading our research team. This team will take 3-4 weeks to create a comprehensive due diligence report. In order to be thorough, this will require your participation in follow-up calls or meetings.
Inquire about Pitching